Lakeview Residence

Annadale, VA

Located along the banks of the only lake inside the DC beltway, this modern single family residence sits  high on the hillside.  The architectural style of neighborhood is eclectic – with modern residences peppered in with many traditional structures.  The owners desired to be forward looking with this residence and directed TWA to take a modern approach with regard to massing and form while also maximizing water views.

An existing ranch style house was significantly altered to allow for the new addition and renovation.  The roof and an old carport were removed, though much of the existing foundation walls were able to be repurposed.  A significant portion of the site was part of a resource protection zone so all efforts were taken to minimize site disturbance. The rear addition sits on a steel portal frame which helped to minimize new, deep foundation work and earthwork.

The building sits high on the hill, however from the lake it appears to nestle into the natural surroundings much like a treehouse.  The house is entirely oriented towards views of the lake with all the public spaces located at the back.  Large windows at the rear frame views of the lake.

Lakeview Residence was completed in 2010.