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Boilermaker | Mercury

The Yards, Washington, DC

Building 167 of the historic Navy Yard in Southeast Washington DC has undergone a complete transformation since its origin in 1919.  Formerly used to manufacture ship boilers and torpedo tubes, the Boilermaker building has been transformed by developers, Forest City Washington, into the primary retail and restaurant hub of The Yards.  Above the retail level is an 8,000 square foot office space which will be primarily occupied by Mercury Public Affairs.

Maintaining and celebrating the historic impact of this building was paramount from the initial design stages of this project.  The challenge of this space as an office program is the lack of windows at eye level; however, the two levels of clerestory windows create an interesting ceiling profile with a lot of natural light.  Leaving the majority of the office open to the existing structure takes advantage of this building’s distinctive qualities.  Enclosed conference rooms that are centered in the space include an oculus to maintain a connection to the overall space.  A neutral finish palette was developed to compliment the industrial mood of the existing building and to create a backdrop for Mercury Public Affairs to celebrate their brand and their office culture.  The project delivered the summer of 2016.